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Getting the right message to the right audience requires real information.

Click Measure enables users to easily research multiple elements to build successful campaigns. Discover and reach your audience. Identify targets that allow you to focus your ads to the right audience leading to improved conversions. There are several facets that lead to the right approach from placements, audience considerations, targeting options as well as pricing and inventory availability. Get all the answers you need from one location.


Keywords are the cornerstone of search engine marketing. Research keywords to discover the frequency of search and average costs to determine which keywords to include within your campaigns. Identify opportunities to add long tail keywords that can economically enhance your traffic. Build your campaign keywords based on the right information to increase your ROI.

Negative Keywords

Depending upon the use of keyword matching types negative keywords play a large part in trimming clicks that are not converting. Excluding keywords that cost you money but do not deliver quality traffic can greatly increase your overall campaign success. The goal is to generate quality traffic by reducing poor quality clicks your budget will be greater served.


Research placements for both Inclusion or exclusion based upon your needs. Just as negative keywords you can eliminate sites that do not deliver traffic that converts at an acceptable level. This is an essential part of trimming unnecessary spending. It's your budget, spend it wisely.

Targeting ideas

Targeting ideas have several categories from location, device, or even time of day. As your campaigns evolve there is a great opportunity to refine your targeting criteria to pay for clicks from users that are known to be your best customers