Display Advertising Optimization

Take Control of Your Display Ads

Display advertising has played a big part of online marketing. With the barrage of display ads the battle for placements is quite competitive. How do you improve your display performance? It's simple, do it better than your competition. The only way to succeed in such a competitive environment is to be armed with data. ClickMeasure Pro provides that right information to drive bids and leverage targeting information to improve performance.

Retargeting or Remarketing With Display Advertising

Retargeting Your Visitors

Retargeting allows you another chance to reach that potential customer. Often times it takes several interactions to convince a customer to convert. Display ads shown to users that have already visited your website but did not complete a conversion provide that second chance to reel them in proving a greater conversion rate.

Discover Display Sites

Discover Sites that Convert

Driving clicks is great, but driving conversions is better. Refine your list of sites that drive the best traffic. Remove sites that don't deliver quality traffic. This approach to optimizing display reduces unnecessary spending on poor performing clicks and improves your conversions.

Analyze Your Results

Analyze your placements to influence your bids. Receive automated bid recommendations based upon performance. Bid up on the best performing placements and reduce bids for lower performing placements effectively improving your ROI.

Search Ads

Managing complex keyword campaigns can become an overwhelming task which requires constant attention. ClickMeasure Pro helps paid search advertisers increase their return on investments by reducing the amount of time required to analyze data and save money by improving campaign performance.

Mobile Ads

The growing popularity of mobile smartphones and tablets provides a great opportunity to target location and device specific offers that reach your customers where ever they are. Manage your mobile campaigns based on real performance data. Increase the return on your mobile advertising investment.

Display Ads

Display advertising is a great addition to your marketing arsenal. The ClickMeasure Pro suite helps advertisers quickly identify key areas in display ad performance. Efficiently analyze display ad performance for effective placements. Discover sites that work for your objectives to improve your display advertising goals.