PPC Marketing Resources

No longer is ad buying a shot in the dark. Now you can clearly see what's working and what is not.

Campaign Analytics & Reporting

Campaign management that paints a clear picture of your true ROI's allows you to control where you spend your money. Our analytics provide the right answers in real time on every aspect of your campaigns, leading to a true understanding of where to focus. Measure the performance of your ad buys with real time analytics to make informed decisions for your budgets.

Real time analytics provides the opportunity to modify campaigns for success. Adjusting buys based upon performance instead of guess work. Whether it's finding the best performing elements from ad sizes that meet the mark to discovering a target that under performs, data driven decisions increase your bottom line.

Real time dashboards


Optimize every aspect of your campaign by leveraging the campaign rating system which informs you what's working and what is not. Quickly see at a glance exactly where your campaigns are under performing so you can quickly take action. The rating and alert system can save you money by improving your Quality Score, increase your CTR's and helps your rank so your ads appear in a higher position at a reduced cost.

In Depth Campaign Reports


Discover opportunities to refine your campaigns. Find keywords that work for you and quickly add those keywords to your campaigns. Identify and add negative keywords that may be hurting your campaign performance. Identify and add negative sites to improve your placements. Research your audience to refine your targeting criteria to lift your conversions.

Custom Alert System

Actionable Alerts

Receive actionable alerts informing you in detail what elements require immediate attention saving you from costly errors. The automated alerts are designed to preventing unnecessary spending. In addition the alerts also help you improve your quality score which reduces your overall advertising cost per click.

Search Ads

Managing complex keyword campaigns can become an overwhelming task which requires constant attention. ClickMeasure Pro helps paid search advertisers increase their return on investments by reducing the amount of time required to analyze data and save money by improving campaign performance.

Mobile Ads

The growing popularity of mobile smartphones and tablets provides a great opportunity to target location and device specific offers that reach your customers where ever they are. Manage your mobile campaigns based on real performance data. Increase the return on your mobile advertising investment.

Display Ads

Display advertising is a great addition to your marketing arsenal. The ClickMeasure Pro suite helps advertisers quickly identify key areas in display ad performance. Efficiently analyze display ad performance for effective placements. Discover sites that work for your objectives to improve your display advertising goals.